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High-Value Cargoes

Safety and reliability from Transconsult at transportations of high-value cargoes.

What kinds of goods are normally classified as high-value?

Pharmaceuticals and chemicals;

Medical and industrial equipment;

Latest know-how innovation products;

Fair and museum exhibits, etc

Are You in search of a reliable transport company to safely deliver Your high-value cargo to the Consignee?

We share Your concern, as shipping high-value goods requires expertise, confidentiality, and knowledge of certain legal, contractual and customs peculiarities.

We are also aware of how high the cost of a single error may be in shipping expensive cargoes.

We transport high-value cargoes for 20 years already, and are ready to undertake the responsibility to assume Your transport commission, and to carry it out to perfection so that the Consignee could accept the cargo safe and intact.

Our actual record is safe delivery of the cargo of 2 million euro value. And it is no limit for Transconsult.

Why will you benefit from carrying Your high-value cargo with Transconsult?

Because we hold a customs carrier license.

This is a major advantage as it enables us to transport expensive goods without any escort and additional warranties – the procedures that would definitely mean additional time and money expenditures.

Because we offer excellent performance of the transportation:

We can work out optimum tailor-made confidential solutions for You;

We can arrange for additional insurance policy in addition to basic CMR insurance

We keep constant GPS trace of the cargo en route, and duly inform You hereof, or arrange for guest access to it;

We provide modern fleet with air-suspension, safety belts, non-slip surfaces, shock sensors, if required;

We see to it our drivers are duly instructed of security rules they must strictly observe en route.

We will deliver Your cargo with care - safe and intact!

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