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Oversized and Heavy Cargoes

Requirements regarding transportation of such cargoes are extremely tough: they concern special demands to the vehicles provided for loading, to cargo safety, to observance of local law norms of transit countries, to road capacity, presence of tunnels, electric power transmission lines en route, up to weather and season conditions during the transportation.

That is why oversized cargo are entrusted to skilled and experienced road hauliers.

Transconsult is your right choice, should you be in search of a logistics operator to deliver your oversized cargo:

We will work out tailor-made time- and cost-efficient logistic layout of transportation;

We will offer you optimum route and optimum vehicles required;

We will arrange for requisite permits, licenses, national authorizations, to ensure unhindered cargo carriage throughout transit countries up to the consignee;

We will assist in customs clearance and additional cargo insurance if needed;

We will ensure 24/7 monitoring / due notice reg. the heavy cargo en route;

We load WHL exceeding dimensions onto our own vehicles - an obvious benefit for the customer as loading our own vehicles, we minimize the risks, ensure prompt communication, and actually manoeuvre truck velocity.

These are normally cargoes of the following kind:

Industrial equipment;

Agricultural equipment (tractors, harvesters, trailers, etc.);

Road-building equipment;

Drilling installations;

Oil refinery tanks;

Voluminous tanks for various kinds of industries drawing special sign;

Piping and tubing parts.

Oversized cargo have weight or HWL parameters exceeding standard dimensions or tonnage. I.e. they cannot be loaded onto a standard trailer/semitrailer of H 2,8 X W 2,5 X L 13,6 and 22 tn maximum loading capacity.

Weight-exceeding cargoes are normally offered to our long-time reliable subcontracted hauliers specialized in such shipments and in possession of adequate transport means. Cargo transportation rates are calculated individually upon request – REQUEST A QUOTE

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