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Project Transportation

It`s common knowledge that project transportations are ranked among most sophisticated transport services.

These are normally required as an integral part of complex industrial projects

Delivery of large-scale exhibition complexes;

Relocation of entire production lines and plants;

Transportation of gross complicated cargoes loaded onto a number of vehicles ordered for joint arrival.

High is the price of a single error made by the carrier in performance of project cargo shipping – it may cause the collapse of the whole construction, exhibition, or industrial project.

High-standard professional skills are demanded from the carrier to be able to thoroughly work out the route, to select best transport means, to ensure all required licenses and permits, to comply with national legislations en route.

Transconsult is constantly multiplying its experience and improving its service standards.

Our logisticians presently offer you a comprehensive service including:

Detailed delivery layout, with time and distance parameters;

Most efficient cargo distribution into loading lots, and best loading space filling;

Coordination of loading terms and dates with all consignors involved;

Intermediary storage and warehousing, if needed;

Provision of all necessary documents , export declarations, CMR-bills, invoices, specifications;

Due cargo monitoring en route;

Our customers are timely informed of the cargo carriage progress, transportation details, and terms of delivery.

Reliability is the core for project transportations. You can find it with Transconsult.

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