How to deliver cargo on time in the adsence of permitions for transport companies? Transconsult has a solution!


The market of cargo carriage by road is currently experiencing serious problems. The governments of the Russian Federation and the Polish Republic still fail to reach agreements reg. permits for each other`s carriers. As a result, in the absence of the said permits, Russian trucks cannot cross the territory of Poland, while Polish ones cannot enter the Russian territory. Suffering are not only transport companies, but cargo consignors and consignees, either.

Thus, the national logisticians are compelled to subcontract neighboring truckers from Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine. These transport companies are in great demand, yet, they are unable to satisfy the released demand - instead of about 50000 Russian trucks, and over 140000 Polish ones – for cargo carriage from third countries.

As a result, lack of transport vehicles, late delivery, or wreck of shipment, to say nothing to the rapid freight rate increase (up to 30-40%) are the actual reality of the market.

New logistic schemes are vitally necessary, under the circumstances: Transconsult logisticians are currently offering cargo trans-shipment on the territory of Belarus as a universal scheme for all kinds of cargoes. We have maintained freight rates unchanged, and delivery to Consignee on time. GAZ Group and KAMAZ are among active users of our new logistic scheme.

We guarantee safety of the cargo, acceptable rates, and declared terms of delivery. For more detail, please contact us.