Multimodal carriage from Italy to Kirov (Russia)

Multimodal carriage from Italy to Russia

Route: Italy – Russia, Kirov;

Transport: road + rail;

Cargo: heavy and bulky – a press in a case;

Cargo dimensions: 5800*2850*2300 mm;

Gross weight: 57 tn;

Services provided by Transconsult logisticians:

loading onto a trailer-platform in Italy, delivery to Germany, to a railway station for further trans-shipment onto a railway platform;

working out a scheme of placement on the platform depending on the cargo volume and weight, and the scheme of fixing the cargo;

issue of all requisite transit documents regarding the transportation;

trans-shipment of the cargo onto a railway platform;

railway carriage to destination, incl. trans-shipment from European wagons onto Russian gauge wagons.