Intermodal Transport

Delivery of your cargo from any spot worldwide

Along with road transport Transconsult offers transportation by sea, rail, air transport, separately and in the following combinations (intermodal transport):

The combination of air transportations, followed by automobile transport:

Delivery of goods by air from any spot worldwide to Europe;

Transshipment at a consolidation warehouse, Poland, and further transportation by road to Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

What makes this combination most attractive for clients is fast delivery of goods at an affordable price?

The combination of transport by sea, followed by road or rail transportation:

Delivery of goods by sea from the United States, Southeast Asia, Central, Western and Eastern Europe to ports in Europe, the Baltic States or Russia;

Immediate port transshipment onto road or rail transport;

Subsequent delivery to Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

This combination is perfect if you want to reduce the cost of transport without significant time losses.

The combination of road and rail transport offers two types of delivery:

Road transport of cargo from EU to the nearest railway station with subsequent delivery to CIS countries by rail;

Delivery of cargo by road to the border point Poland - Belarus / Lithuania - Belarus followed by rail transport to the destination.

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