Road Transport

For almost 20 years, Transconsult delivers goods by road in the following directions: Central, Western, Southern, Eastern Europe – Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Road transport Transconsult

As part of road transport Transconsult offers the following related services:

«Door-to-door delivery» of goods;

Customs in Europe;

Warehousing: storage, packaging, bagging, labeling, sorting of cargo;

Consolidation and clearance of consignments;

Logistics services: optimizing transport scheme according to clients’ needs to save time and money.

We have at our disposal our own fleet of trucks. For our clients it means that we can easily reduce the time for communication, and are able to constantly monitor the truck en route, and promptly minimize risks if any.

To specificate Transconsult fleet, we`d mention:

Vehicles compliant with Euro-5 - Euro-6 European eco standards;

Tilt and metal-box trucks for transporting high value cargo and personal belongings of the client;

Specialized double-deckers for partial cargo loads for transporting non-stackable goods;

License for transporting hazardous goods of ADR Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9;

GPS-monitored vehicles to track cargo 24/7 a week;

Team of expert drivers.

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