Transport to Kazakhstan

Do you want your cargo to be advantageously delivered to Kazakhstan?

- You are invited to do it with Transconsult: we made over 900 transportations from Europe to Kazakhstan within 2018.

transportations from Europe to Kazakhstan

What are your benefits if you order transport to Kazakhstan from Transconsult?

Advantages of multimodal transportations. Transportations by road, air, rail;

No language barriers. We speak your language;

"Package of services": comprehensive cargo insurance, customs clearance and intermediate storage and warehousing;

Quality warranty. Services compliant with quality standards ISO 9001: 2015, GDP, TICS.

Most advantageous shipments to Asian countries are those by rail, if:

You are planning regular consignments as per clear-cut schedule;

Destination point is in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan;

Yours are non-urgent transportations;

The transportation lies within the territory of two countries. Transportations within Belarus – Russia – Kazakhstan may be regarded as one-state transportations within the unified customs area.

Transconsult has been providing all cargo carriage:

transportations from Europe to Kazakhstan

What are the benefits of rail transport to Kazakhstan? - They are:

Low costs as compared to transport by air or road;

Consolidation of cargo lots in Poland;

“Door-to-door” delivery;

Possibility to transport any kind of cargo.

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