94% of customers are positively satisfied with freight forwarding services provided by Transconsult


Tranconsult regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys. It is highly important to know what customers think of our services and us, because a satisfied customer - is the key to the success of the company.

According to a recent telephone survey, 94% of respondents positively marked the quality of the freight forwarding services provided by Transconsult. Compared to the year 2014, the figure rose 3% in the year 2015.

Also according to the survey we identified a net promoter score (NPS), which amounted to 94%, which is 6% higher compared to last year.

transconsult customer satisfaction 2015

During the survey, we often heard from the respondents that they have the only one transport supplier, and that is Transconsult. In their opinion, we are the best and most responsible carrier for them, "If we need to make a quick transport delivery and done accurately, we turn to Transconsult" - according to one of our regular customers.

Repeatedly a high level of forwarding services and efficiency in the work of our employees were marked. "Successful partnership, proven over the years - the pledge of stability in any situation on the market to us."

We appreciate the trust of our customers and make every effort to prove it.